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"Giving up is NOT an Option" - tonight Pastor Mathew Jones looks at the Biblical part we have to play as individuals and collectively in being determined, committed and decided in our work and service for Jesus.

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Mel Melcum continues her series on "The Call" and this morning looks at the important subject of "Patience".  Exercising patience in our lives as Christians is not always easy, but here's some helpful advice from the Scriptures to help us on our way.

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In tonight's teaching, Pastor Mathew Jones encourages us to "Take Time to Prepare". In many circumstances in life, we prepare ourselves for education, exams, sport and so on. Pastor Mat implores us to "prepare for God to move" in our lives and for "a refreshing of the Lord".

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The Guidance of Wisdom #2 - Julie-Ann Smith continues in this series from Proverbs 3. Today, Julie-Ann focuses on our need to "lean" in on God and on Jesus and not rely solely on ourselves or solely on someone else for wisdom, support and stability in our life's journey. Very challenging teaching from the Word. 

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Tonight Jen Wendtman, Hunter Chaplaincy Co-ordinator & Trainer & Co-ordinator of Macquarie Care in Newcastle presents an Information Night on Grief, Loss, Change & Trauma. Powerful and helpful information to help us cope with these difficult areas of our lives.

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On this Mothers' Day morning, Pastor Chris Jones brings a word about "Teaching Moments of Life" from one generation to the next. Key reading is 1 Corinthians 13. Chris honours the mothers of our past and present and reflects on the importance of "learning, teaching and walking" that the next generation picks up on from their mother's example.

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"Follow Me" is the title of tonight's message from Leeanne Dove as she brings the Word following worship led by the Youth Band. Something in this challenge for all of us.

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This morning's special guest is our long-time friend, Margaret Stunt. In this teaching session, Margaret shares some incredibly powerful challenges and principles that can help us put into place, what God wants to do with us and through us.

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Tonight, Jodi Tweed brings some powerful and personal testimony to the teaching: "We Must Prepare the Way for Jesus".

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This morning's service is presented by our Urban Youth & the Youth Band. Youth Pastors, Kate & Dave Noble share their vision for each one of us as both youth and older persons to "Wake Up from our Slumber" and to be ready for all God has in store for us.

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