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This evening, Ps Mathew Jones shares on the popular and essential topic - "The Fear of the Lord"

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What physical, emotional or spiritual barren areas do you have in your life? Are you experiencing lack, instead of the abundant overflowing life that Jesus came to give us?

Listen as Pastor Mathew Jones looks this morning at the simple thought of "Having Victory over Barrenness" and the importance of praise. 


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This evening Gavin Martens brings a teaching on "The Message of the Cross"

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This morning, Pastor Mathew Jones continues with his series on "The Power of Resurrection". 

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Tonight at Café Church, Fergus Hancock and Sharon Guion both share a testimony with a focus on "My God is in the Details". 

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This morning, Pastor Mathew Jones shares on "Being Lovesick". 

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This morning we have Alex Cassaniti and Rebecca Fawcett sharing their "Bold Declaration" and Pastor Mathew Jones sharing some final thoughts around this topic. 

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This evening, Pastor Mathew Jones teaches on "The Call to be Faithful".

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This morning, John Loiterton teaches on "God is Building a Spiritual House" using the key passage 1 Peter 2:4-5

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This evening, Pastor Mathew Jones shares on the topic of "Grace" and how we are encouraged to grow up in grace.


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