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Dr Gary Forbes concludes his series on 2 Timothy with "Beware the Times  |  Live by God's Word".  Gary emphasises the importance of the Bible and takes a quick snapshot of the end times of the last days in which we live.

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This morning, Pastor Mathew Jones concludes his series on "Be Bold" by giving us 8 pointers or expressions of boldness practised by Christ Himself. Thought provokling and challenging.

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Gaven Martens provides an encouraging teaching session based on Jesus' words "You are the light of the world" and provides 4 specifics about that truth.

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Pastor Mathew Jones continues with Part #3 of "Be Bold". Pastor Mat uses the analogy of a lion in our boldness and this morning, looks at five (5) specific ways in which we should be "lion bold".

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In world of uncertainties - Pastor Mathew Jones tonight teaches on "Faith - It's a Must!" Be challenged and encouraged as you listen.

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Pastor Mathew Jones continues with Part #2 of his "Be Bold" series and encourages us to be the kind of person intended by God in our day-to-day life.

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Pastor Mathew Jones addresses a congrgation of Dads on Fathers' Day 2014 and urges them to "be bold" as the kind of men that God created them to be.

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The church's Urban Youth celebrate with a night of great praise & worship and some powerful testimonies from some of their members. Bible Readings from Rory, Josh & Gabby. Personal testimony share times from Gabby, Lauren & David on being Brave, Bold & Ready - the 2014 theme for Urban Youth.

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In today's message, Mel Melcum uses the key verses Hebrews 12: 1-2 - "Eyes Fixed on Jesus". Mel uses three (3) specifics of fixing our eyes and the choices that have to be made.

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"The Value of the Prophetic" is a powerful message from Pastor Chris Jones, of hope, vision and fulfilment in God meeting the needs of His people through the indwelling and promptings of the Holy Spirit - in ways which are more than remarkable. Pastor Chris speaks of her own revelations of what Jesus has brought into her life since she trusted him at the age of 6. Also sharing their experiences in tonight's service are Jordan Finn and Zachary Tooley.

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