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Tonight is the second of a teaching series of 4 parts on "Stumbling Blocks to Victory" with Pastor Mathew Jones. Pastor Mat focuses on "forgetting the past" and leaving it behind.

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"God & Science" is today's teaching from Gavin Martens. This is not a case argument about 'creation v. evolution', which Gavin considers is becoming a smoke screen and diversion to people. Today's teaching is about a deeper relationship with Jesus and the roll science has to play in that.

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Tonight is the first of a teaching series of 4 parts on "Stumbling Blocks to Victory" with Pastor Mathew Jones. "Have you allowed DUTY to replace DEVOTION"? is tonight's focus.

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John Loiterton continues in our occasional series on The Will of God - "A Sanctified Life". John provides the When; What; Why; Who & Why of a sanctified life and what it means. Powerful teaching at its best.

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At tonight's Youth Event, Emma Jones talks about being bold and couragious and sticking with what God's given you. Emma shares the "background story" behind the youth band using the OT story of Noah and the story of Pinnochio to make her point.

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Using Revelation 21 and various other scriptures, Mel Melcum brings us a message on "Behold, I make all things new". Powerful and thought-provoking, Mel gives an insight into the day, when Jesus will renew everything.

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Special Guest from Hillsong, Tina Brown brings the Word on "The Journey of Joy" and provides 5 pointers we need to help us on our way.

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On this special holiday weekend Sunday, Mel Yeomans encourages her audience to "Follow the Son" and focus on Him. No greater name!

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Dr Gary Forbes concludes his series on 2 Timothy with "Beware the Times  |  Live by God's Word".  Gary emphasises the importance of the Bible and takes a quick snapshot of the end times of the last days in which we live.

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This morning, Pastor Mathew Jones concludes his series on "Be Bold" by giving us 8 pointers or expressions of boldness practised by Christ Himself. Thought provokling and challenging.

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