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This morning, Ps Mathew Jones shares a message focused on this years' Forecast - Adventure Calling, entitled "The Call to a Kingdom Adventure - Come Follow Me". 

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This morning, Ps Mathew Jones starts the year off with the question:

Are you in for this? Are you in for a Kingdom of God adventure in 2017?



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Pastor Mathew Jones takes a few moments to share a 2016 Christmas Day message - "Truth that we can Ponder and Treasure in our Hearts". 


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"All is Calm, All is Bright" is theme for this years' Christmas Service. Ps Mathew Jones shares a beautiful message focusing on the life of Mary, the immaculate conception, and the birth of Jesus Christ. 

At the end of this message Ps Mathew shared the following video:

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This evening, Ps Mathew Jones shares around the idea that "Spiritual Growth is a Choice". This message explains how we are responsible for our own spiritual growth and need to make a deliberate and on purpose decision to position ourselves ready for a transformation.


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This morning, Ps Mathew Jones takes time to get us ready for Adventure Calling with a message entitled "Being the New Wineskin". This message will prepare us what God has for us and help us to position ourselves to be fully led and used by the Lord in the coming year.

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This morning, we are blessed to have special guest Margaret Stunt from Hillsong College share with us on the topic "Free to See". Margaret is a close friend of our church, and always shares a message that is in season; with authority, humour and refreshing honesty. 

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This morning, special guest Matt Purcell from The Greenroom shares from his personal testimony. Matt is a gifted speaker - who delivers in a way that is real, challenging and light-hearted ...and connects to people of all ages.

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This morning, Leeanne Boswell shares with us the second part of the occasional series "Simplicities - The Essentials of Prayer"

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This morning, Ps Mathew Jones finished his four part series "Preparing the Road". This series focused on challenging yourself on: What are the obstacles you need to remove? What things are hindering you from His presence? This mornings teaching focused on the area of Legalism

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