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Tonights Café Church is presented by LIVEfree Young Adults. Join us as we hear Jacqueline Finn and Morgan Creek share from their hearts around the topic "I AM ENOUGH".

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This morning, we are blessed to have special guest Margaret Stunt from Hillsong College share with us on the topic "The Road of Change"Margaret always shares a message that is in season for our church; with authority, humour and refreshing honesty. 

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This Mother's Day, we have our very own Julie-Ann Smith share with us about "Motherhood". She explains that motherhood involves caring, protecting, equipping, helping and releasing children; both our natural and our spiritual children. 


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We have had some recording difficultiesrecently. 

Updated podcasts will resume shortly. 

Thank you for your patience. 

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This morning, we had special guest speaker Jen Wendtman from Macquarie Life Church. Jen shared with us on the topic of "Faith" and challenged us to write down our God hopes and dreams. 

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This evening, Pastor Mathew Jones teaches on "True Freedom is our Birthright".

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This morning, Pastor Mathew Jones continues the series "Preparing the Road" with a focus on the Obstacle of Pride, and how pride can spoil our relationship with Jesus.  

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This evening, Pastor Chris Jones continues with the second instalment of the teaching series "The Future Never Looked So Good"

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This morning, Kurt Linde and Elizabeth Yeomans share their testimonies on the topic of "A Bold Declaration"

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Today at our Easter Sunday Service, Pastor Mathew Jones teaches on "The Power of Resurrection"

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