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"Lord, Catch me; I'm falling!" is tonight's theme and sharing their personal stories with us are Ben; Belinda and Mel Yeomans. Each one is differet as they convey how the Lord has spoken into their lives in a powerful way.

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John Loiterton explores what the Bible has to say about "Meaninglessness" and uses Ecclessiastes as a reference point. This is something really important that all of us need to hear.

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Primarily using Ephesians 6, tonight Pastor Mathew Jones teaches on being "Battle Ready" and putting on the Armour of God that we all need as Christians.

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"Setting your confidence in the Lord" is today's teaching from Pastor Mathew Jones. Using Psalm 27 in particularly, plus Ephesians 3:11-12 - this teaching presents some unique thoughts on having confidence in the only One we can truly trust and rely upon.

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Pastor Mathew Jones brings us some powerful teaching on "Keys to Effective Prayer". This is a subject that should be close to each of our hearts.

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Julie-Ann Smith provides some outstanding teaching on being "Called to Discipleship" - challenging for everyone of us.

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This is an historical occasion in the life of our church. It's the first Sunday with our new church name Livefree Church and it's also Vision 2015 Sunday. Pastors Chris & Mathew Jones share with us, their God-inspired vision for our church for 2015. Linking with past years themes and revelations, 2015 is to be a year of "WALK" for each one of us who love Jesus. Enjoy this podcast!

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Evangelist & author Brother Yun makes a one night only stop in Newcastle NSW at Adamstown Community Church for this rousing evengelistic service attended by more than 280 people. Brother Ren introduces the work of evangelism they are involved with in the Middle East and Europe and provides a platform for Brother Yun to share his life story. Miracles, Holy Spirit power and faithfulness are key experiences that he shares with the audience.

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Pastor Chris Jones takes this morning's teaching from Matthew 3 and the life of John the Baptist. There are some very powerful lessons for us to learn here, so this teaching is for you.

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This is the series final of "Stumbling Blocks to Victory" with Pastor Mathew Jones. Tonight, Pastor Mat continues with the final 3 'blocks'. Challenging and thought-provoking, this is your opportunity to make some changes in your life.

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