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This evening, Pastor Mathew Jones teaches on "The Call to be Faithful".

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This morning, John Loiterton teaches on "God is Building a Spiritual House" using the key passage 1 Peter 2:4-5

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This evening, Pastor Mathew Jones shares on the topic of "Grace" and how we are encouraged to grow up in grace.


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This morning, Leeanne Boswell shares with us "Simplicities - The Essentials of Prayer"

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This morning, Pastor Mathew Jones continues the series "Preparing the Road" with a focus on the Obstacle of Idolatry. 

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This morning Gavin Martens brings the final teaching from his 3-part series from Luke 4, entitled "Lessons from a Blind Man"

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This evening, Pastor Mathew Jones continues his teaching from last week on the topic of "A Place of Health" and the importance of complete health: spiritually, emotionally and physically.

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This evening, Pastor Mathew Jones teaches on the topic of "A Place of Health" and the importance of complete health: spiritually, emotionally and physically.

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Tonights Café Church is presented by LIVEfree Young Adults. Join us as we hear Jacqueline Finn and Morgan Creek share from their hearts around the topic "I AM ENOUGH".

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This morning, we are blessed to have special guest Margaret Stunt from Hillsong College share with us on the topic "The Road of Change"Margaret always shares a message that is in season for our church; with authority, humour and refreshing honesty. 

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