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"What Does it mean to Follow Christ?" is the title of this morning's Australia Day Weekend message from John Loiterton. Using Matthew 16: 24 as a basis, John discusses the importance of understanding our inherent sinful nature and how only God can change it through the sacrificial death of Jesus.  Powerful and thought-provoking teaching.

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In tonight's service, Matt Burgoyne shares with us "What God has been Speaking to him about" recently. Matt shares some analogies between his work as an oyster farmer and growth in our Christian lives.

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Dr Gary Forbes teaches on "Our Conduct of Life" from 1 Timothy 1: 13-16 and focuses right in on what God requires of our lives as Christians. Ultimately God wants us to be "holy".  Gary uses illustrations from his own life and talks about 3 major influences that impacted upon him.

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Tonight, Pastor Mathew Jones brings the final segment of his four-part series on "A New Day Dawning". Pastor Mat uses the story of Bartimaeus in Mark 10 as the basis for tonight's teaching. This was not "another day" in the blind man's life - the crowd was different; the buzz was different - when Jesus suddenly "turns up" in his life ............. and ours!

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Pastor Mathew Jones continues his series this morning on "A New Day Dawning",  uses the powerful story from Acts 16 of Paul & Silas in prison.  Pastor Mat uses this story to illustrate the miraculous moves by God in bringing about change and salvation and blessing into many lives as a result of what seemed to be a terrible situation.

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Part 2 of a four-part series by Pastor Mathew Jones - "A New Day Dawning". Tonight, Pastor Mat focuses on the life of Jacob [Israel] and provides us with 5 specifics that we need to engage in our own lives.

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Our first Sunday together for 2015 and Pastor Mathew Jones brings teaching from the life of Moses. "A New Day Dawning" | Part 1 of a 4-part series. Moses was content as we often are, but God didn't want him to be content, nor does hHe want us to be content either. Regardless of age, vocation or position inklife, God has something for YOU to do.

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"Celebrate with Praise & Thanksgiving" - Tonight, Leeanne Dove looks at four (4) things that it takes for us to Praise & Celebrate. 1. Choice  2. Perspective  3. Focus  4. Declaration. Our final sermon for 2014.

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"Walking into a God-designed Future"  |  Today Pastor Mathew Jonesteaches from the lives of some of the OT patriachs, but hones in on numerous New Testament verses encouraging us as Christians, to "walk" with God. We need to be conscious of what God is calling us to and then determine to go there!


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"The Saviour is Born"  |  This morning, Dr Gary Forbes teaches on the truth that 'the Word (Jesus) is God' from John 1: 1-4; 14 and the significance of the birth of Jesus for a world that's in a lost and hopeless state. Sharing in today's message is Zachary Tooley with his own thoughts of what Jesus' birth means to him.

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