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Pastor Mathew Jones continues his series on A NEW AND LIVING WAY with Part #7 - "Hope in God's Goodness".  Challenging teaching that brings us right to the Throne of God Himself.

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In tonight's teaching, Julie-Ann Smith looks at part 3 of her series from Proverbs - "The Guidance of Wisdom". In today's world, Godly wisdom is needed more than ever.

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The call that Jesus puts on our lives as Christians is to "Take up Your Cross and Follow Me". This morning, Pastor Mathew Jones teaches on this important truth and call from the Lord Himself.

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Pastor Chris Jones teaches on getting through the diffcult times : "When Winter sets in".  Sharing their stories tonight are Rachael Gaunt & Doug Galloway. This is something you need to hear!

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Pastor Mathew Jones teaches this morning on the importance of having and using "Wisdom in our Walk" in our life on a daily basis.

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"Salvation - a work of the Holy Spirit" is tonight's teaching from Pastor Mathew Jones. Helping us to appreciate what God has done in our lives in bringing about our salvation.

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This is FRAMILY NIGHT at the church - a gathering of family & friends. Tonight, we have Pastors Chris & Mathew Jones sharing and introducing some very talented people in our church as well. Sally-Anne & Kurt Linde tell us what it means for them to realise they've been "made for a purpose". In addition, a very young Truly Smith tells us about how she worships. Then Poest Smith, Alexander Davies & David Marschall, all founders of Reckless Studies (found on YouTube) share their stories of talent and "being made for a purpose". Great sharing; powerful testimonies and moving heart stories.

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In today's teaching, John Loiterton looks at "Jesus Christ - the same yesterday, today and forever".  John appraoches this from a different viewpoint and looks at two aspects of this uniqueness: 1. The Word became flesh and 2. How that occured.

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Tonight, Pastor Chris Jones continues with her second part of "Jesus Leads, We Follow" from Psalm 23. What happens when Jesus leads us to that place of rest beside the still waters? Chris examines several important ways that happens.

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Pastor Mathew Jones continues with his A New & Living Way series. This morning, in part #6, he looks at "The Atmosphere of the Kingdom".  Mat focuses on 3 elements: 1. Thanksgiving  2. Praise  and 3. Worship.

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