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This afternoon, 12 people were baptised at Merewether Beach Ocean Baths with more than 100 onlookers and supporters from church family and friends. The majority were from our youth group and it was an incredible public witness to what Jesus Christ has done in their lives. Tonight's service was one of celebration, where each of the 12 gave their personal testimony. Heart-melting moments as you listen to these powerful testimonies.

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Pastor Mathew Jones continues with Part 3 of his series on "The Triumph of the Cross". In today's teaching, Mat looks at 'the promise that God will never forsake us in Christ'.

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Tonight Pastor Chris Jones teaches from the life of Peter with "Jesus Leads, We Follow". Powerful lessons and experiences from the life of Jesus' disciple. Also sharing her personal testimony of her journey to becoming a Youth Leader is Izzy Chopping. Deep, moving and challenging, Izzy shares how God spoke into her life.

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"The Triumph of the Cross" - Part 2 teaching from Pastor Mathew Jones. This morning, Mat looks at 'repentence gains eternal life' as he takes a close look at what happened at the cross and the interaction between Jesus and the two criminals hanging on either side.

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Pastor Mathew Jones teaches on "A New & Living Way" tonight, specifically looking at 'Building a Heritage of Faith'. Powerful teaching from the Word!

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"The Triumph of the Cross" is a new four-part series of teaching by Pastor Mathew Jones leading up to Easter 2015. This morning in part one, Mat looks at facets of the victory and key words uttered by Jesus at the Cross.

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Tonight, Dr Gary Forbes brings the first of a four-part occasional series on JESUS, to demonstrate the reality of the person who is our Saviour & Lord. Tonight's teaching is "Jesus - the Promised One" and Gary uses Genesis 3:14-15 as the basis for the very first time in the whole of the Bible, the Messiah & Saviour is Promised by God.

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Proverbs 2: 1-9 sets the foundation for tonight's teaching from Julie-Ann Smith on "The Guidance of Wisdom".  Julie-Ann uses some practical examples from everyday life, aided by several video clips to get across the importance of exercising wisdom in our lives.

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"Triumphant Living" is today's teaching from Phil Tweed. Using 2 Corinthians 2:14 as the primary reference and excerpts from his own life experiences, Phil encourages us all to live triumphantly in Christ.

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This message from Mel Yeomans comes at the end of our Framily Night at church, where families and friends enjoyed a time of fun and blessing. Mel uses the story of Zacchaeus in Luke 19 to bring home some key truths about the love of Jesus in a person's life and how He cared for the ordinary person.

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