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Tonight, Pastor Mathew Jones teaches on "Being Spirit Led" - part #1. How much we need to take this in.

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"The Aroma of a Life" - tonight's teaching from Pastor Mathew Jones.

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Pastor Mathew Jones concludes teaching from his "A New & Living Way" series using Isaiah 43: 18-19.

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Pastor Mathew Jones takes a new perspective look at Psalm 23.

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The letter "P". Tonight, Pastor Mathew Jones teaches on some important and key areas we need to give our attention to. Positioning, Preparation & Presentation.

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Special Guest Tina Brown from Hillsong teaches on "Jesus Calms the Storm" of our lives. Matthew 8:23 - Declaring Victory in our Lives.

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This is Part #10 of "A New & Living Way" with Pastor Mathew Jones. God is doing something. We need to perceive it and be part of it.

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Pastor Mathew Jones continues his series on Our Walk and examines the richness of what that can be for each of us.

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Joy Duggan brings today's message on "The Lord Provides .... Trust Him". It's something that each Christian needs to hear and learn.

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"Be on Mission" - What is it I'm supposed to be doing down here? Well, listen to this teaching and encouragement from Pastor Mathew Jones.

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