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Pastor Mathew Jones talks about "The First from Among the Dead" in this Easter Sunday morning message. Christ is risen from the Dead - Hallelujah.

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On this Good Friday 2014, Pastor Mathew Jones focuses in on the Cross of Christ and the Power of the Blood.  Mat illustrates the close relationships of the sacrifices of the Old Testament with the death, burial and resurrection of Christ in the New Testament.

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Tonight is Urban Youth night at our church. The programme included our church band and various testmonies and sharing by our young people. In this podcast, we have personal sharing by Kaylea Meguyer, Gabby Martens & Jesse Martens. The final wrap up of encouragement in the Christian life is done by Mel Yeomans.

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This morning Pastor Mathew Jones looks at "No Other Name".  This teaching is focused on the importance of what Jesus' name speaks of: Character, Rank, Authority, Words and Deeds.

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This is part 2 of the "Walk of Faith" series and tonight, Matt Burgoyne outlines the life and times of Abraham. There lessons in Abraham's life that we can apply to our life today!

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This morning, Dr Gary Forbes commences an occasional 4-part series on "The Way of Wisdom". Today's teaching centres around "Godly Wisdom v. Worldly Wisdom". Gary uses references from Proverbs and James.

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This is ACC's "Spread the Love" weekend and tonight's Sistas event kicks off with a great worship and praise atmosphere followed by a powerful challenge from Chris Jones, to keep 'spreading the love' of Jesus to those around us. 

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This is the third in Pastor Mathew Jones' "Arise & Shine" series. Tonight, Mat focuses on "Forgiveness" and provides some very challenging Biblical truths on why we need to experience forgiveness and show forgiveness.

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Pastor Mathew Jones concludes his 2-part series on "A Heart After God". This morning, he continues with further thoughts on why David got God's attention!

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Dr Gary Forbes teaches part 2 of his series on 2 Timothy from the second chapter. Tonight, he teaches on "Grace" and effecting it in our daily lives. Gary uses a snippet from the Amazing Grace movie, along with some personal illustrations.


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