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Tonight, Joy Duggan talks about "The Power of Acceptance".  Joy reflects on her own early life in South Africa as a child and its impact on her life. She emphasises the importance of our acceptance of (a) salvation (b) ourselves and (c) others. Her message follows on from the teaching by Margaret Stunt in this morning's service.

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Today's Special Guest is Margaret Stunt, who talks about the importance of acceptance of "people from all walks of life". Margaret reflects on the statement in our own website that "people from all walks of life are welcome" in our church and builds teaching on that foundation from the Word.  1. Who are you walking with?  2. Why are you walking?  3. What's your walk like?  Powerful and challenging.

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ACC held a Christmas in July Framily Dinner night and Margaret Stunt was our special guest. Margaret shares some personal insights into her ministry.

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This evening's message comes from Pastor Mathew Jones "Nothing without Grace". Mat reminds us again of the importance of God's grace in our lives.

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"A Worn Path to the Throne" is today's subject from Pastor Chris Jones. Chris talks about how the Holy Spirit wants to shape our life in a wonderful and effective way.

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In tonight's teaching, Phil Tweed looks at the "Five Fold Ministries" from Ephesians 4: 11-13.

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Pastor Mathew Jones concludes his three-part series on "Believe, Belong, Become" - one of the overall the themes of our church. In today's final sessionMat talks about "Become". God has a marvellous plan for our Christian lives and the development of our Christian character to "become" all He has intended..

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Tonight, Leeanne Dove continues with our occasional series on A WALK OF FAITH with Part 4 "Mary". Leeanne looks at the marvellous revelations to Mary about the birth of Jesus and the faith surrounding those events.

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Pastor Mathew Jones continues a three-part series on "Believe, Belong, Become" - one of the overall the themes of our church. In today's part two teaching session, Pastor Mat deals with "Belong" and focuses on the truth of our adoption in Christ.

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This evening, Pastor Mathew Jones looks at Part 5 of our "Arise, Shine" series for 2014. In today's teaching, Pastor Mat focuses on "connection" - a life connected to Jesus. He uses Old and New Testament examples of "being connected".

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