Adamstown Community Church

Evangelist & author Brother Yun makes a one night only stop in Newcastle NSW at Adamstown Community Church for this rousing evengelistic service attended by more than 280 people. Brother Ren introduces the work of evangelism they are involved with in the Middle East and Europe and provides a platform for Brother Yun to share his life story. Miracles, Holy Spirit power and faithfulness are key experiences that he shares with the audience.

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Pastor Chris Jones takes this morning's teaching from Matthew 3 and the life of John the Baptist. There are some very powerful lessons for us to learn here, so this teaching is for you.

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This is the series final of "Stumbling Blocks to Victory" with Pastor Mathew Jones. Tonight, Pastor Mat continues with the final 3 'blocks'. Challenging and thought-provoking, this is your opportunity to make some changes in your life.

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This morning, Pastor Mathew Jones concludes his series on "Arise, Shine".  Pastor Mat gives us three key foundations, in which we need to be established - if we are to "rise and shine".

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Pastor Mathew Jones continues with part 3 of his 4-part series on "Stumbling Blocks to Victory".   Tonight, Pastor Mat teaches on "distractions" as part of the stumbling blocks that come our way

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This morning, Dr Gary Forbes concludes his four-part occassional series on "The Way of Wisdom".  Using Romans 8: 28,29, Gary takes a look at "Wisdom in Where we're Going and What we're Doing" and the importance of knowing our purpose of our life.

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Tonight is the second of a teaching series of 4 parts on "Stumbling Blocks to Victory" with Pastor Mathew Jones. Pastor Mat focuses on "forgetting the past" and leaving it behind.

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"God & Science" is today's teaching from Gavin Martens. This is not a case argument about 'creation v. evolution', which Gavin considers is becoming a smoke screen and diversion to people. Today's teaching is about a deeper relationship with Jesus and the roll science has to play in that.

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Tonight is the first of a teaching series of 4 parts on "Stumbling Blocks to Victory" with Pastor Mathew Jones. "Have you allowed DUTY to replace DEVOTION"? is tonight's focus.

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John Loiterton continues in our occasional series on The Will of God - "A Sanctified Life". John provides the When; What; Why; Who & Why of a sanctified life and what it means. Powerful teaching at its best.

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