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Pastor Mathew Jones concludes his 2-part series on "It's Unnatural" listing a further 4 specific points that are 'unnatural' in the Christian life.

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"Why Bother? Why go to the Bible?"  - This morning, Pastor Mathew Jones examines the valuableness and reliability of the Bible in our everyday lives. Generations past needed it; we need it now. Pastor Mat looks at 10 incredible truths of the Bible, most of which were only fulfilled or discovered by man centuries later.

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Sistas Goes Tribal was designed to raise funds for the continuing work and ministry of Watoto. Sharing their personal stories : Madeleine S; Rachael M; and Mel M. Pastor Chris Jones brings a closing message that strikes at the heart. Well worth listening to.

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Pastor Mathew Jones takes the first part of a 2-part series on "It's Unnatural". Mat examines what should be "normal & natural" in the Christian life and gives us plenty to think about.

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This morning, Pastor Mathew Jones continues with Part #6 of  "Arise, Shine".  Pastor Mat looks at three (3) important ways for the Christian believer to "shine".

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Tonight at Urban Youth, Mel Melcum brings a powerful message on "BRAVE" from the story of Esther.

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Julie-Ann Smith brings a powerful word on "What Does God Require of You?". Using Deuteronomy 10:12 as the foundation, Julie-Ann focuses in on "tell me", show me, & "do with me".

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Tonight, Joy Duggan talks about "The Power of Acceptance".  Joy reflects on her own early life in South Africa as a child and its impact on her life. She emphasises the importance of our acceptance of (a) salvation (b) ourselves and (c) others. Her message follows on from the teaching by Margaret Stunt in this morning's service.

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Today's Special Guest is Margaret Stunt, who talks about the importance of acceptance of "people from all walks of life". Margaret reflects on the statement in our own website that "people from all walks of life are welcome" in our church and builds teaching on that foundation from the Word.  1. Who are you walking with?  2. Why are you walking?  3. What's your walk like?  Powerful and challenging.

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ACC held a Christmas in July Framily Dinner night and Margaret Stunt was our special guest. Margaret shares some personal insights into her ministry.

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