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This morning, Leeanne Boswell shares with us the second part of the occasional series "Simplicities - The Essentials of Prayer"


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This morning, Ps Mathew Jones finished his four part series "Preparing the Road". This series focused on challenging yourself on: What are the obstacles you need to remove? What things are hindering you from His presence? This mornings teaching focused on the area of Legalism

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This morning, in a special extended service, Pastors Chris & Mathew Jones share their "2017 Forecast" and what God has laid on their hearts for the church. 2017 will be a year underlined by the theme "Adventure Calling".

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This morning, Ps Mathew Jones continues to share on his Being Simple Campaign with the topic of "Where are you Living - Spiritually". Sometimes we get caught up in the mundane and the status quo, and forget what it's all about. Take the time, listen to this message and consider: Where is your dwelling place? Where have you decided to set up camp? Where have you planted your roots? Where has your heart settled?

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In this morning's teaching, Julie-Ann Smith looks at the topic "Jesus is Coming Again"

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This morning, David Noble shares on the topic "Entrusted with a Message - God Loves You". David's message focuses on one of the barriers that may stop us from understanding the message, and two examples of God's love from the bible. 

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This morning it's all about Bold Declarations with Ps Chris Jones and Rachel Gaunt bringing the message. 

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Tonight we have a various people sharing thoughts around the theme "God helps me to overcome my fears". Listen as Kate Marschall and Sheldon Maurer share testimony, Sue Cook brings the communion message, and Julie-Ann Smith and Kate Noble add some final thoughts to this topic to finish the night. 

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This morning, Ps Mathew Jones continues to share on Being Simple with the topic of "Consideration and Application" taking time to reflect on what God has done for us, and what our role is in this. 

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This evening, Ben Homard shares about the 12 month adventure he and his family went on around Australia and the lessons God taught him on the journey. 

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